Unique Outfit store offers FREE shipping on ALL orders globally with no minimum purchase.
1. How come we offer free worldwide shipping?
We have partnerships with suppliers  overseas and have arranged to send our products directly to customers. This makes our shipping process as efficient as possible.

2. Your prices are very low! How is it possible?
The truth is that local retail stores you may be accustomed to usually purchase the clothing you buy for a tiny fraction of what you pay. We essentially cut out the middle man - the high price retail stores -  and offer the same, high-quality merchandise to you straight from our overseas suppliers. The only catch is that you have to wait a little longer for your order to arrive - usually between 20-30 days. Well worth the wait, we think, for saving up to 90% of what you normally pay for clothing.

3. How do I know my payment is secure?
We use the world's largest, most recognized, most secure payment methods. Our site is PCI compliant, so you have maximum protection.

4. When can I expect my order to arrive?
As soon as your payment is cleared, we immediately place your order with our supplier/s. You can expect your order to arrive within 20-30 days. Because we ship globally, shipping times vary based on your location. (Please see the shipping info page for more details.) 

5. I ordered the wrong colour/size/style can I change it?  
Yes, you can change any specification until the goods are shipped. Please contact us immediately if you would like to make a change to your order. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please also see our refund policy for more details.

6. My item is damaged/faulty can I get a refund?
 Of course, send us any damaged items, and refund you in full! Please see our Refund Policy for more details.

7. I picked the wrong size because I didn't bother checking the measurements. Can I get a refund?
Yes. However, we strongly encourage you to measure and pick your sizes carefully prior to your purchase. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.
8. Do you ship to USA/UK/EU/Australia/Overseas?
YES. We ship globally, FREE of charge!

9. I ordered M but my item says XL? (substitute other sizes)
 Our products are manufactured in Asia. Asian sizes are typically 2 sizes smaller than US sizes. We internally make this adjustment and display our products in the equivalent US sizes. However, some items will still bear size labels from their originating country. In the rare event the item you ordered doesn't fit properly, please contact us.

10. I made a large order but not all the items have arrived yet?
 We ship items out in small groups so that you don't get stung at customs, and also as to avoid you waiting for items that may take a little longer. Rest assured, all your items will arrive!