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Unique Outfit for Men2-Color Slim Nylon Jacket - Stylish & Functional!

2-Color Slim Nylon Jacket - Stylish & Functional!


  • Material: Nylon, Polyester

This 2-colored nylon jacket is not only stylish, but functional. It is wind-resistant, water resistant, and comes complete with a non-detachable hood. Feel at ease that you can still show off your coolness, even when it starts to rain. Stay dry in the rain and warm when the wind starts to blow. This stunning jacket also features elastic cuffs, two side zippered pockets, a zippered breast pocket, and high quality hood drawstrings.

Take a look below at the size chart to better understand which size will fit you best. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Size Shoulder Bust Length sleeve Recommend Collocation
US Weight Height
                  50-55 150-160
XS 43 16.5 100 39.4 65 25.5 63 24.8 55-60 160-165
S 44.5 17.5 104 40.9 67 26.4 64 25.2 60-65 165-170
M 46 18.1 108 42.5 69 27.2 65 25.2 65-70 168-175
L 47.5 18.7 112 44.1 71 27.9 66 25.9 70-75 172-178
XL 49 19.3 116 45.7 73 28.7 67 26.4 75-80 178-180



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